First Quarter 2016 Sales Update: The Market Officially Sucks

Okay, if any of you lurkers have been hanging around awhile, you know Yolanda has been babbling nonstop about how the high-end market has nosedived in the past few months. But now it’s official. The first sales quarter closes this week and trained experts have issued scientific reports confirming the high-end market is shit. Let’s […]

Heiress Lori Milgard sells to Dan Schneider in Hidden Hills (and etc…)

A big-ass mansion in Hidden Hills sold recently for a hefty $9,000,000. Make no mistake, that’s a large figure for 2016’s real estate world, kids. The market may still be quite hot on the lower end – we’re talking sub-$5 million or so – but in the ultra-high-end luxury market, things have considerably slowed, even […]