Uber Hollywood Mogul Ari Emanuel Secretly Buys in Mandeville Canyon

It seems to ol’ Yolanda that famously brash and spectacularly successful Hollywood mega-mogul Ari Emanuel is feeling a bit flush with cash these days. First there was the $2.4 billion that WME coughed up to acquire New York City-based IMG a couple years ago. Then he thanked about 20 of his former assistants by presenting […]

Dr. Prem Reddy Buys Big Brentwood Park Mansion

It was only last October (2015) that a jury found Southern California hospital juggernaut Prime Healthcare Services liable for $1 million in damages stemming from a sex scandal lawsuit. Salacious details aside, it seems the negative publicity and substantial judgment haven’t slowed the spending of Prime’s notoriously extravagant owner, Dr. Prem Reddy (for what it’s […]