Handbag designer Tyler Ellis doles out $12 million on Brentwood Park’s “The Chateau”

Despite its low-key and family-friendly atmosphere, kiddies, the leafy “Brentwood Park” enclave of Los Angeles requires a seriously obese wallet for anyone to even think about living there. It’s just really expensive. The prices are on par with some of the best areas in Beverly Hills, actually. Witness this 5,756-square-foot residence that is situated on a […]

Hong Kong billionairess Karen Lo closes on Malibu’s most epic estate at $70 million

Yolanda heard whispers about it before, of course, but — even so — we were still shocked that the whole thing went down so quickly and for such an awe-inspiring amount of money. Property records now reveal that Hong Kong native Ms. Karen Lo did, in fact, acquire Malibu’s gigantic and highly-visible “Lady Malibu” or “Sweetwater […]

The rumor mill: a $75 million sale in Malibu?

Normally Yolanda doesn’t pay much attention to the noise and other assorted foolishness that trills its way into our ears. We generally prefer facts backed up by research and property records. Today, however, we’ve gotta make an exception. The everyday rumors we hear are ridiculous and ridiculously false, but this one is so outlandish we think it might actually […]

Megan Ellison quietly drops $7 million on the little house next door

When she’s not producing/distributing/marketing critically-acclaimed blockbusters or going on Twitter rants about Donald Trump, you can almost assuredly find 31-year-old billionaire software heiress Megan Ellison in the property gossip columns. In less than ten years, by Yolanda’s tabulations, young Miss Ellison has bought and sold no fewer than a dozen multi-million dollar properties in the good […]

British DJ Mark Ronson un-leaves Los Feliz with a $4.3 million splash

Back in early 2015, acclaimed British music producer/DJ Mark Ronson — a Grammy winner for Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black and Uptown Funk (featuring Bruno Mars) —  wrote a song entitled “Leaving Los Feliz“. It is, Yolanda gathers, an anthem about ditching the “scenesters” in the hipster ‘hood for more bucolic pastures or some such nonsense (sorry, we’re much too […]