Kimora Lee Simmons busts out $25 million for a Beverly Park beast

In case y’all didn’t know, fashion designer/TV personality/Ferrari-driving Kimora Lee Simmons is one tough and very rich cookie and she isn’t about to let little people problems like an international money-laundering scandal and an (allegedly!) failing fashion line stop her from living her very best life. To that end, she’s just slammed down a billionaire-worthy […]

Monday Quickie: Cheryl Hines & Robert Kennedy Jr. buy in Brentwood and sell Malibu casa to socialite Lyndie Benson

Listen kiddies, we’ve got a bazillion things to do and these toenails are not going to paint themselves. So today, instead of being long-winded and slip-sliding into pointless digressions, we’re gonna keep it on the straight, narrow, and boring. We’ll be back to our usual eggheaded self shortly, promise. So here we go. Curb Your Enthusiasm actress […]

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis stealthily spend $10 million cash on Carpinteria’s Padaro Lane

Oceanfront resort towns like Laguna Beach and Malibu have long been famous for their prototypical perfect SoCal weather, their gorgeous Pacific vistas, and their stunning (for California, at least) beaches. Not to mention their many famous residents and punishingly pricey real estate. But the somewhat secluded nature of both cities — both are accessible via […]

Guggenheim’s Alexandra Court antes up $13 million for a piece of Pacific Palisades history

As y’all should already know, Yolanda and several other of our real estate gossip compadres recently discussed the record-shredding $85,000,000 purchase of David Geffen’s sprawling Malibu compound by Dodgers owner Mark Walter. A short while ago, while compiling information about the sale, Yolanda stumbled across something that we found a bit odd. The Malibu house, […]

Dodgers owner Mark Walter shatters the Malibu real estate record with his $85 million splurge

Ever since David Geffen’s major-league Carbon Beach (or Billionaire’s Beach to you plebes) estate sold for a sanity-defying $85 million, rumors have run rampant about who the buyer could be. Yolanda first heard the new owner was a couple from Texas. Then came whispers it was a fellow from South America. Well, life is funny sometimes. As […]

Angelina Jolie goes a little crazy, drops $24.5 million in Los Feliz

We know everyone and their grandmother’s caretaker’s pet cat Rusty and his female feline friend Laquisha have written about this one already, but Yolanda just can’t resist dropping our quick and useless two cents on this unprecedented and quintessentially LA home purchase that involves a major-league celebrity and a big piece of Hollywood history. First, […]

Richard & Laurie Lynn Stark plunk down nearly $40 million on Malibu’s Paradise Cove

For whatever reason, the ultra-high-end real estate market in Malibu has been sizzlin’ hot this year. Normally, kids, we only see maybe one or two sales per year up in that rarefied billionaires-only arena ($30 million+). But there have already been at least five in 2017 — and we ain’t even halfway through! Y’all should already […]