Kim & Kanye sell for nearly $18 million cash to billionaire Brian Acton’s wife Marina

We know this story has already been bludgeoned to death, brought back to life and then murdered again, but Yolanda can’t resist putting our own little spin on it. It’s just too damn good! As y’all have certainly heard, showbiz supernova Kim Kardashian and her hot-headed hubby Kanye West have sold their freshly-renovated house in […]

Entrepreneur Kirk Lazarus shocks with a $31 million Santa Monica mansion purchase

There is a very large mansion on a Santa Monica hilltop that dwarfs pretty much everything in the surrounding area. Built on spec by controversial (yet highly successful) “starchitect” Richard Landry, the structure was commissioned by a prominent developer and listed with considerable fanfare in early 2013. The asking price? An eye-watering $35 million. Unfortunately […]