Fashion mavens Tom & Ruth Chapman spend $24 million in Trousdale Estates

It was the folks at the Wall Street Journal who first revealed that British fashion entrepreneurs Tom & Ruth Chapman dropped a wild $24,000,000 on a Trousdale Estates mansion located on what is often considered to be the best (or second-best?) street in the neighborhood: Trousdale Place. Yolanda’s research indicates that this is 2017’s second-biggest Trousdale […]

Strip club owner Dr. Simon Stertzer picks up a $9.5 million Bel Air contemporary

As raging wildfires continue to pillage Southern California, it troubles Yolanda how media attention seems to be focused on celebrities and their (sometimes tenuous) connections to the destruction, rather than the stories of the no-name Joe Blows  who are directly in harm’s way. Admittedly, Yolanda herself is not immune to using the celebrity power to […]

“Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence hauls in $21 million on Malibu’s Cliffside Drive

Point Dume, the very recognizable Malibu promontory that juts way out into the Pacific Ocean, has long been the most star-studded area of the city. Folks like Matthew McConaughey, Sean Penn, Chris Martin, Barbra Streisand, Owen Wilson, Bob Dylan, and Gerard Butler (and many more names we cannot remember) own in the neighborhood for the privacy its […]

In-N-Out Burger heiress Lynsi Snyder slaps a $20 million pricetag on her Bradbury Estates mega-compound

Yolanda is well aware that this story has already been featured on just about every real estate gossip website, but we are determined to hop on the bandwagon because Ms. Snyder has long been one of Yolanda’s absolute faves. She’s no Tina Trahan, mind you, but she comes close. And we have been drinking this […]