Hidden Hills roundup: Eran & Lucie Moas spend $12 million for a fancy spec-mansion

Last summer, a brand-spankin’-new Hidden Hills monster mansion sold for a fat $12,100,000. Records are a bit perplexing on this one — they show the property was acquired by an untraceable Zurich, Switzerland-based entity that was originally incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, a notorious offshore tax haven. All of that seems decidedly exotic for […]

Jeff Bezos drops $13 million on the little Beverly Hills house next door

To most folks, spending $10 million on a house seems like an unfathomable extravagance, the kind reserved for lottery winners and nouveau riche celebrities. But in reality, it’s a different kind of group altogether that (generally) buys those homes. Most folks spending eight figures on a property are successful businesspeople who are looking to invest […]