Wrigley’s chewing gum heir Jim Offield spends big in Venice

High-end real estate everywhere in LA is hotter than ever, but real estate in the once-gritty-but-now-gentrified-and-blazingly-expensive seaside community of Venice (CA) is particularly so. Yolanda has written about the area more than once — including our discussion of actress Emilia Clarke’s stunning new spread — but admittedly we don’t give the neighborhood as much attention […]

An Indonesian billionaire sells his $24 million Sunset Strip showpiece to a Thai billionaire

Besides all the celebrity residents, the Hollywood Hills is perhaps best-known for its proliferation of expensive homes that are perched on often-extraordinarily stingy lots. The vast majority of residences sit right up on top of the street. Either that or they’re dangerously perched on top of cliffs, as Demi Lovato recently discovered. Space is very limited. […]

Duty Free heiress Alexandra von Furstenberg dishes out $16 million on Malibu’s Point Dume

On this blog Yolanda gabs about two types of people, generally speaking: rich folks and really rich folks. And airport stores heiress turned fashion designer Alexandra von Furstenberg most assuredly falls into the latter category. Ms. von Furstenberg — born Alexandra Miller — famously married into royalty in 1995, when she hitched her wealthy wagon to […]