Woodbridge pays Megan Ellison $35 million for her hilltop castle

It was The Hollywood Reporter who first revealed that billionaire software heiress/film producer Megan Ellison raked in more than $35 million in a not-so-secret off-market deal for her idiosyncratic (and very visible) home high above the Sunset Strip in the Mount Olympus neighborhood of Hollywood Hills. Records now reveal that the transaction went down for $35,350,000. […]

“Chrome Hearts” founders Richard & Laurie Stark drop $7 million on their Malibu Colony house #4

Few real estate-related happenings surprise us anymore, but Yolanda has to admit we were still a wee bit dumbfounded when our trusty pal Vlad the Revealer at Celebrity Address Aerial hit us up to cattily whisper that a very contemporary home in Malibu Colony was sold to Chrome Hearts founders Richard Stark and his business partner/wife Laurie Lynn […]

The notorious “Bradbury Estate” finally sells… for just $24 million

It took nearly six years, but at long last one of LA’s largest and most unabashedly hedonistic estates has sold. The transfer price, records show, was $24,380,000. That’s a huge number, to be certain, but it’s also a sanity defying $54,420,000 less than the $78.8 million ask that original owner/seller Donald Abbey slapped on his modern-day […]

Ellen Bronfman & Andrew Hauptman slap a $125 million pricetag on their Bel Air masterpiece

Buoyed by the ultra-high-end LA real estate market’s relentless (?) optimism (and that crazy Carter family spending $88 million), some folks are going hog-wild with outlandish prices. As Yolanda first heard from our online BFF Your Mama at Variety magazine, there’s a new $125 million listing coming to market in that blue-blooded bastion of Bel […]

Billionaire heir Kevin Washington pays a record-destroying $41 million for a Modern Family’s Santa Monica mansion

Newsflash: the real estate market is still hot, hot, hot. Particularly in the tony coastal neighborhoods of Los Angeles. But you didn’t need ol’ Yolanda to tell you that, right? A quick peek of property records will present you with some flabbergasting facts. In the past year alone, the sale price records for a single-family […]