Jodie Foster asks $15.9 million for her longtime Beverly Hills home

As part of Yolanda’s daily morning routine, we awoke today and perused the latest LA real estate listings. Unfortunately for our poor MacBook keyboard, we spit out an entire mouthful of orange juice upon noticing that revered actress/producer Jodie Foster has quietly (and somewhat surprisingly) slapped a whopping $15,900,000 pricetag on her Beverly Hills residence. […]

Billionaire beef baron Henry Davis forks out $21 million on Laguna’s Emerald Bay

Today we shall journey deep behind the Orange Curtain. Let’s discuss Laguna Beach’s perennially pricey Emerald Bay community. We’ve chatted about Emerald Bay on at least one prior occasion. But to reiterate: this neighborhood is more than just another rich-people-only space — it’s a whole lifestyle. Not only does the enclave have one of the slickest […]