Joe Rogan dumps a record-shattering $5 million in Bell Canyon

Although it’s one of Southern California’s wealthiest communities, Bell Canyon is oft-overlooked by the press. Part of the blame lies with its rather remote location — though technically within the Ventura County boundaries, homes there must be accessed by driving through the LA County neighborhood of West Hills, making the area just a particularly far-flung […]

Richelieu Dennis spends $15.7 million cash high above the Sunset Strip

Probably our favorite thing about high-end real estate transactions is seeing the widely divergent paths these folks take on their journeys to vast wealth. While a hefty number of buyers are indeed to-the-manor-born, many others used their entrepreneurial grit to elevate themselves above the middle-class (or out of abject poverty, in some cases). Today’s buyer […]

Viagogo CEO Eric Baker throws down $23.5 million cash in the Beverly Hills Flats

If you have many millions of dollars and you’re looking to invest in residential Los Angeles real estate, we highly recommend considering the Beverly Hills Flats neighborhood. Prices out there have been skyrocketing for the past eight years or so, and the rapid upward trajectory shows no signs of abatement. Though the once-fiery hot LA […]