Hidden Hills Roundup: Kylie Jenner quietly sells at a big profit to muffin mogul John Schiavo

No Hidden Hills discussion could be complete without mentioning the Kardashians, long the area’s most famous (or infamous, if you prefer) residents. When they’re not busy taking butt selfies or doin’ the daily pap stroll, the krazy K-Klan buys and sells multi-million dollar Valley mansions like normal folks go through laundry detergent. And so, here […]

Hidden Hills roundup: Eran & Lucie Moas spend $12 million for a fancy spec-mansion

Last summer, a brand-spankin’-new Hidden Hills monster mansion sold for a fat $12,100,000. Records are a bit perplexing on this one — they show the property was acquired by an untraceable Zurich, Switzerland-based entity that was originally incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, a notorious offshore tax haven. All of that seems decidedly exotic for […]

“New Atheist” Sam Harris plunks down $9 million on a prime Pacific Palisades teardown

When Yolanda’s longtime friend Vlad the Revealer at Celebrity Address Aerial contacted us to inquire about a supremely-located Pacific Palisades property that had just sold for a fat $9,300,000 to a mysterious blind trust, we didn’t think it would be difficult to suss out the buyer’s true identity. After all, Yolanda is quite familiar with this particular […]

Billionaire Sidney Kimmel forks out $25 million for Alec Gores’ Beverly Hills showpiece

He may be pushing 90 years old, but apparel tycoon turned billionaire film producer and hardcore real estate baller Sidney Kimmel apparently wants a new house. And Yolanda hears from a little birdie that he has already closed on his latest dream residence: a deceptively modest-lookin’ contemporary spec build in prime Beverly Hills. Modest is […]